Having gone through a significant period of time ignoring my own lifestyle choices, eventually it came to a point where I chose to make a significant change. Part of that was going through the process of dealing with weight I slowly but surely had stacked on due to poor lifestyle habits which lead to 122Kg on the scales. This life altering change was slow and sometimes frustrating but eventually I got to a point where I was now a completely different person having lost near 40kg.

Naturally I wanted to continue this lifestyle but also give guidance to those who like myself had absolutely no idea where to start. I chose to study and eventually become a personal trainer but as I entered the industry I had a surreal realisation that so many trainers were extremely uneducated in many basics involving general movement and compound lifts despite being certified and having worked as trainers for some time. This lead me to progressing my career even further by investing in my own education to gain a greater insight into movement, anatomy, biochemistry and nutrition by seeking out those who already had a wealth of knowledge in these specialised fields. This education has come in the form of books, courses, seminars with one of the biggest influences being MuscleNerds.


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